Gulguluthikthakam Taila

Skin, joints & muscles



Key Features

  • Cleanses and purifies the skin 
  • Treats various skin issues 
  • Helps reduce joint & muscle pain 

Gulgulutikthakam Taila is an authentic Ayurvedic herbal oil traditionally used in the treatment of all types of skin issues and ulcerations, as well as for joint and muscle problems.


Contains Guggul, Neem, Ginger, Guduchi and cold pressed sesame oil in a proprietary formula.
Allergy warning
May contain trace amount of dairy.


Apply warm oil topically to body or affected region.

Natural Ingredient Properties

Gulgulutikthakam Taila is a classical herbal oil described in the famed Ayurveedic text, Ashtanga Hrdaya. This oil acts as a medium for the subtle power of herbs, transporting their therapeutic energies deep within the tissues. It helps to balance doshas, nurture the body’s systems and supports the elimination of toxins.

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Type: Oil