Key Features

  • Helps to treat dry skin 
  • Calms and reduces stress 
  • Aids in digestion 

Vata is a grounding and nourishing, authentic Ayurvedic herbal oil, formulated to balance Vata dosha including mental and or physical agitation, dry skin and weakened digestion.


Vata oil (Kottamchukadi Taila) is prepared with vata-reducing herbs in a base of cold pressed sesame oil which gives it an earthy, grounding and nourishing quality. Prepared with Costus, Ginger and Calamus.
Allergy warning:
May contain trace amount of dairy.


Warm oil and use for daily whole-body self-massage followed by a bath or shower.

Natural Ingredient Properties

Vata dosha pertains to all movement in the mind and body and represents the element of air and ether. Vata is considered the leader of all three doshas so it is important to keep Vata in balance. It nourishes the skin and muscles, calms the body, improves digestion and relieves pain.

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Type: Oil

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