Vitality Tonic


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Key Features

  • Immune & nervous system support
  • Combats fatigue
  • Harmonizes moods
  • Fulfills multiple unmet needs of your overworked body & brain
  • Non-GMO, Gluten free, Soy free
A strong body is not just about strong muscles. Miviton is an immune strengthening, fortifying tonic composed of quality ingredients that have been carefully selected and balanced to create a formula designed to harmonize your body’s immune and nervous systems. With anti-anemic effects, dynamizing effects, antirachitic effects, psycho-tonic effects and stimulating effects on the appetite you will see and feel your body positively effected for the better.

Recommended for:
  • Seasonal tonic, recovering from a cold or the flu
  • Deep physical and mental fatigue
  • Fortifying tonic to rebuild and revitalize
  • Convalescence after surgery
  • Childbirth, post-partum
  • Mononucleosis, anemia, anorexia
  • Advanced age (malnourishment, loss of appetite)
  • Mood swings (irritability, depressive feelings)
  • Memory and concentration
  • Lack of energy, overwork
  • Support for the growing adolescent
  • Sleep disorders

Looking for a formula to improve mental and physical productivity following periods of intense efforts? See Miviton +Plus
Each 10 ml contains:
  • 500 mg of Herring soft roe (Clupea harengus extract 1:1/DHE: 500 mg, sustainably harvested, Gaspesie)
  • 5 mg of Zinc (zinc citrate, highly bioavailable)
Non-medicinal ingredients:
Purified water, apple juice, vegetable glycerine, natural fruit flavor, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, citric acid.
Direction for adolescent 14+/adults
Take 2 teaspoons (10 ml) 1 to 3 times a day.
Miviton can be taken regularly over long periods of time without ever overloading the system. It can be taken at the same time as any other conventional medications. It may be taken as is, or simply by adding it to your morning smoothie or shake.
Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you are allergic to fish or seafood.
No need for refrigeration.
Natural Ingredient Properties
Wild herring roe (sustainably harvested, North Atlantic) is to the ocean what pollen is to the plant kingdom. A true natural concentrate of essential amino acids, B-group vitamins and phosphorus, all indispensable factors in the support of healthy nerve cell function. With very high nutritional value and bioavailability, enhanced through an enzymatic process, it is also incredibly effective at rebuilding and regenerating the body’s cells.
Containing high concentrations of proteins (74% to 95%), and rich in peptides, free amino acids (85%), minerals and vitamins, wild herring roe is of great interest for therapeutic use.
Zinc (zinc citrate, highly bioavailable) participates in the wound-healing process, in skin conditions, in preventing colds and flu and in protecting from the toxic effects of free radicals. Zinc also plays a role in regulating mood and supporting cognitive function during learning.
All the information on our products and their components is for general information only and was made with the best of our knowledge. It does not claim in any way of suggesting a diagnosis or a treatment. Holizen reminds you that it is always preferable to consult your health professional or a natural health therapist who will consider all the information relating to your state of health.

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